A House In Progress

Since I started this new blog site, I’ve also been doing my best to ensure that I’m writing every day. And so far it’s been reasonably successful.

While I haven’t added it up or anything like that, it certainly feels like I’ve written more in the past two weeks of so than I have in a long time. And I’ve generally felt the better for it.

Obviously, I always feel like I could or should have written more on any given day. That’s my nature. But in terms of progressing with A House Divided (which is my main goal at present), I feel like I’ve done not too bad. I finished the chapter I had been writing, went back and wrote some additional material for a previous chapter that I had set aside for a while, made some notes for re-drafting a couple of earlier chapters and started a new chapter.

Now all of that might sound more impressive than it actually is, plus the real proof of its worth will be in how it reads and I’m going to reserve my judgement on that for the time being (see my previous post for thoughts on analysis-paralysis). Having said that, it is my hope that I’ll have my first draft done soon so I’ll be able to start the revision process and maybe by then I’ll have a clearer idea of its merit.

Now one question I haven’t answered yet is whether I focus on the re-drafts exclusively and get a working copy done as soon as possible or if I should alternate between that and writing new material. I’m leaning towards the later, mainly so I can try and keep some of this momentum going. But I guess time will tell…

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