Moving forward….

As you may know if you either like my Facebook page or follow my Twitter feed, yesterday I completed the first draft on another chapter of A House Divided.

What I didn’t say is that based on my current plan, I probably only have one more chapter (or at most two) left before I wind up the second book.

Exactly how long it will be before I reach that point, I don’t know, but I do have plans for what comes next. I already have ideas for the third book, House In Exile; in fact I’ve already written some of its first chapter,  and what I currently think will be it’s final chapter. I also have a number of short stories in various stages of completion, not to mention the redrafting of A House Divided.

So while I’m reaching the end of one road, I’ve got a few new ones opening up. The main question,I have right now is: which road do I take first?

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