Kill your darlings…

I had a bit of a setback recently.

I realised that the chapter I had been working on, which I had intended to be either the final or the penultimate chapter in A House Divided,  wasn’t working. Or at least, it didn’t work as it was intended.

Generally speaking it was a little too slow, a little too low-key for me to feel like it was a proper ending to the book. Although I like what I have written (I think there’s some good character stuff in there), I don’t see that I can use it currently. Which, of course, means I now have to start over and re-assess how to wind up book two and lead into book three. I may actually re-tool the unused work into the early part of House In Exile.

I have an idea or two on where to go without having to drastically revise my overall plot too much, although I will admit I’m struggling a little to connect it all up. Maybe I do will need to go back further and do more adjustments, at this point I don’t really know. The main thing is to finish the book in a way that I think works and that it should be finished, not just finishing for the sake of getting it done….

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