Living with fear

As has probably become clear, if you’ve read previous posts on here, I tend to be a worrier. Ignoring whether or not my fears are justified, it’s safe to say that I have a lot of them, especially where my writing is concerned.

However, when all’s said and done, my writing is just a hobby (the small bit of optimist in me wants to add, for now). At present I’m not making any moves towards publication and the idea that I might someday be able to write as an actual profession seems pretty remote.

By contrast, my wife has turned her artistic passion into her profession and has been running her own photography business for a few years now. And she still has fears.

I also remember reading With Nails, which I heartily recommend for anyone who likes behind the scenes info on the movie business and especially for anyone who likes Richard E. Grant. Anyway, a recurring theme in the book (as far as I recall, anyway) is the constant worry that no matter what role he’s currently doing, there’s the fear that it could be his last, typified by the question “But what are you doing next?”. Frankly, it’s the sort of question I could see myself asking.

In a way it’s almost comforting to know that even those who have a successful career in their chosen artistic expression can have such worries. On the other hand, it’s also a bit depressing to realise that even if I was successful in that fashion, I’d still worry about things….


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