As I get closer to finishing my first draft on A House Divided (chapter 27 got done earlier this week), I find myself thinking more and more about starting my revision process.

The first book, House Valerius, has had at least 4 drafts, possibly more. The very first draft was predominantly hand-written; the earliest chapters on loose sheets of paper, the later ones in a hardback notebook that I still have kicking around somewhere. The second draft came as I typed up those pages. Then I revised and revised again.

Some of A House Divided has been hand-written but the majority has been written directly on my laptop, or by other electronic means. Not that I think this changes matters much, although I will admit to occasionally missing the handwritten method (and don’t get me started on the lack of cursive handwriting these days…).

I do intend to be a bit more methodical about revising A House Divided, partly so I can keep better track of future plot points and continuity. I also think that it might help me get the 2nd draft done quicker but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…

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