More To Do… To Do More…

A couple of things I’ve read recently (the foreward to Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning was one and I mis-remember the other right now) reminded me that while writing is art, it is also a job. One that doesn’t just happen, but needs you to work at it, to put time in each and every day.

And while I have been doing better about that the past few months, vacation and holiday season not withstanding, I still want to be even better.

The question is, how do I quantify that? Well, the simplest, and the most practical, answer than comes to mind is by noting how many words I write daily.  One of the things I am good at is tracking information, it plays a big part in my day job after all, so that should be pretty straight-forward to me. Then all I need to do is keep the word count going up one day to the next.

Of course, that easier said than done and I’m sure there will be days where is going to be difficult just matching the previous days output but that’s to be expected. What I do want,  is the over-all trend to go up. Although I daresay I’ll have a ways to go before I’m at a professional level, to judge from a recent Tweet by John Scalzi….

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