By way of thanks

Just a short one today, since I’ve done a good chunk of writing already today and I want to get back to it and see how far I can push it. But I do want to use this post as a means to thank some people.

One of the other things I did when I started (or re-started) this blog page was create a Twitter account. Yes, I realize that I’m several years behind the times in that (and what else is new?) but over the past two weeks I’ve found it to be a very encouraging thing.

Just about everyone I follow on Twitter (and the majority of those who follow me) are writers; either prose, poems, songs or all of the above. And the majority of them post words of encouragement or advice, for themselves and others. Either that or fun little questions and challenges.

So I’d like to use this post as a way of saying thank you to anyone who follows me, who liked one of my posts, who posted something that helped me keep going or that just made me smile.

Thank you, one and all

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