Short Stories

I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts that I have a number of short stories planned and partially written, which are part of the world of House Valerius but not part of the main series story-line.

The main reason these came into being was that I found myself having ideas for stories I wanted to tell about the other characters in the series. But I couldn’t use them in the books, not without making a big diversion from the main plot. Plus I saw these stories as an opportunity to try experimenting with different ways of writing.

Anyway after I made some notes on a few of the stories I thought that, if I could get them written, that I could collect them in their own anthology, which I decided to name Tales from House Valerius.

So far, I have nine stories in mind. Ideally, I’d prefer to have ten but that’s just the OCD in me. None have the same main character, although some who are the stars of one are supporting characters in others. And in terms of the rough timeline I have, they range from the very beginnings of House Valerius (18BC) through to just a few years before the main series starts (2003).

I have one complete, three in various stages and the other are mainly still in note form.

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