Polling and progress

So I completed an initial draft on A House Divided earlier this week and as I said in a previous post I was debating what to do next.

So I put a poll on my Twitter feed and on my Facebook page, just to see if there was any consensus between those of you good enough to keep track of what I’m doing.

As it turned out, the results were pretty evenly split between starting the second draft and working on some of the short stories to go in Tales for House Valerius.

I have already spent some time since finishing the first draft working on one of the shorts, as a means of taking a little break from A House Divided, so that I could come back to it with fresh eyes when I do start draft 2. Having said that, the first draft has been so spread out (started in 2008 unfortunately), that I’m not sure I need any more time away from the earlier chapters.

So, at least for this coming week to see how things go, I’m going to try doing both simultaneously. I have a decent amount of time for my lunch break to do a little fresh writing and then try working on the second draft in the evening. Whether or not that’s a good idea and I should focus on one or the other is something I’ll give it the week to find out and then re-assess.

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