Books, books, books

As you’ll see if you go to the books page,  I’ve updated it a little, moving some things around.

Instead of having the title as the link, I’ve put the links underneath like so…


The synopsis link (I used that word because I couldn’t think of a better one at the time) takes you to my attempt to come up with a back cover blurb for the book in question.

The thoughts link takes you to, you guessed it, some of my random thoughts on the book and some discussion of its contents. Now these were written some time ago so hopefully I’ll get a chance to revise and update them before too long (this weekend perhaps).

I’m also thinking about adding more content, specifically excerpts for the books. I did ask for opinions and so far its mainly been positive so maybe I’ll add those once I get up some more courage.

So far all are designed to be spoiler-free, and I’ll be doing my best to keep it that way….



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