It’s been a month or so since I hit save on my fist draft of A House Divided and since then I’ve been dividing the majority of my writing time between working on In Dreams, one of my short stories and doing some re-reading/editing/re-writing to come up with a second draft. (Usually the short story during the day on my lunch break and the 2nd draft in the evening.)

What’s on my mind just now is how long I want to devote to the 2nd draft. So far in my writing I’ve had the luxury, if I can use that term, not to have any deadlines, no-one waiting on me coming up with anything, except maybe a friend or two who were inclined to let me slide if I hit a slow patch.

As I’ve said before, I do want to take enough time to make it the best I can, but at the same time I know that I should be setting myself goals and targets to keep myself on track. I’ve already been trying to do this in terms of daily word count but, for the 2nd draft at least, I want to set myself a deadline for completion.

My current thought is to have a working second draft done in the next two months. Now to make that happen…


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