Re-drafting & re-writing

As I mentioned previously, in addition to the excerpts from the main series that I put on here I also recently posted some pieces of the short stories that I have in progress on the Wattpad site.

As a result I’ve had some reads, a few compliments and, most importantly, some good constructive criticism. I have to admit, I was worried about that. Not just about what was said, but also how I’d handle it, since I’ve been told in the past I don’t react well to criticism.

Of course, I would like to think I’ve matured (at least a little) since then. And the only way I’m going to learn and grow as a writer is I listen when someone tells me something isn’t working. Plus I remember reading a quote which I can’t place right now…

“If you believe the good reviews, you’d better believe the bad ones too…”

So, as a result of this criticism, I intend to apply some of the things said to the re-draft of A House Divided. I might also do another run through on House Valerius, partly to tighten it up and partly to double check if I’ve contradicted myself anywhere. And I’m thinking about starting over on some of the short stories…

Ah, well, at least I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied, right?




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