The Written Word

Much as I want to get more writing time in, and I think I’ve been pretty clear about that, I also want to read more.

After all, reading and writing tend to go hand in hand. Just about every piece of writing advice I’ve ever seen recommends reading as much as possible, as varied as possible. With a view to this I’ve loaded up my Nook with a number of books and hope to get through as much as I can without sacrificing too much time anywhere else.

Some are by writers that I know and love, some are by writers I’ve yet to try. Some are classics that I should have read by now, some are old favorites. And some are by people that I’ve “met” through Twitter. You probably know who you are…:)

And some of those I’ve met have also asked for reviews once I’ve read their books. Which, I’ll admit, was a little worrying since I don’t think I’ve done something like that since high school. Roughly around 1847.

But for better or worse, I said I would and I do intend to keep my word. I’ve already read one book and written a review for it, available on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m also debating put the reviews on here. Watch this space…


  1. Drew, I am humbled and honored to have been considered and mentioned here. I am thankful for your friendship, and I enjoy exchanging ideas and commiserating with you on the struggles writers face. You are a wonderful writer and I anxiously await the release of House of Valerius. I count myself most fortunate to call you my friend. Cheers!


  2. Drew you should always put your reviews where the author can see them and in as many places as possible. Your opinion matters. Spread the word and tag the author. I myself am
    Always grateful for any feedback so keep reading and find that balance for writing. It’s worth it.


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