Three lives

See, I was thinking that I lost my mind
But it’s been getting to me all this time
And it don’t stop dragging me down


The above lines are from a song that came on my iTunes earlier today. It’s a song I’ve always liked, but for some reason it seemed to resonate today.

I think it’s mainly because I’ve been feeling trapped in a way. Not in the sense of being somewhere I don’t want to be, because I’m quite happy where I am. It’s more in the sense of feeling that I have too many things that I want to be doing, too little time in which to do them and feeling like I’m failing as a result.

I’ve talked before about trying to find an appropriate balance between what I’m almost become thinking of as my three lives. My work life takes up the biggest portion of the day but I want that to have the lowest importance of the three. My personal and my writing lives are the ones I want to prioritize and have flourish.

So I’m made myself a commitment. To take the new month of April (yes, I know it’s the fourth but, like it or not, I think in terms of work weeks) and to see how much I can accomplish in both those lives while not letting the day job rule too much of me.

Hopefully there will be good news in the forthcoming updates.

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