Britt asked me yesterday what my goals were.

Now she was asking about a different matter, but it got me thinking. Britt believes that stating your goals out loud is an important part of helping  you to attain them. And, I can see her point.

Like I said, it got me thinking that I should put down some goals for the coming months. So here goes.

  • Get back into the habit of writing every day. (This has taken a few hits over the past week or two.)
  • Keep better track of how much I’m writing. (Again, I’ve slipped on this too.)
  • Be more consistent about the blog site.
  • Complete a 1st draft on at least one short story by the end of April.
  • Write another book review before the end of April.

And now for the big one.

  • Finish the 2nd draft of A House Divided by the end of May.

I do have other goals as well, although those are more on the side of my personal life not my writing life, so I won’t go into those just now. And I fully realize that given my history, I could be setting myself up for disappointment and self-recrimination if I don’t achieve some of those, especially the big one. But I need to do this and I think setting these goals is going to be the best way to motivate myself to do so.


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