It doesn’t take much.

Some kind words. Giving a little encouragement. Doing someone a favour.

Like I said, it doesn’t take too much to be on the giving side of any of these. But, they can have huge effects on the person on the receiving end.

Speaking as someone who’s had a rough couple of weeks (see my previous posts), I can attest to the comfort that can be found in someone telling you to keep going, or that things will get better. And I appreciate everyone who did that for me.

I hope I can do the same for others. That’s something else I’m trying to work on. Before I start sounding too preachy or anything, I know I haven’t always done that. I have been guilty of acting shittily when I’ve been in a dark mood, something I’m usually ashamed of after the fact. After all, it doesn’t help me and certainly doesn’t help the people around me. So why spread my bad mood to others? Why not try being kind instead?

Will trying to send out some good wishes or compassion make me feel better? Maybe. Will it make someone else feel better? I hope so.

So, be kind to each other. You never know who you’ll help.



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