A New Month

Three weeks ago I posted a short list of things I wanted to try and accomplish in April.

So how I did I do?

Well, as I mentioned in another post, not very good. For the first two weeks following the creation of those goals, I pretty much hit a wall with the day job getting the better of me at the cost of my writing life.

I have managed to turn it around in the last week, as I hoped I would. But it was probably too little, too late, for at least one of the items on the list.

Anyways, here are April’s goals again, how I managed with them and the score I’m giving myself.

  1. Get back into the habit of writing every day. – Well, I have been doing so in the past week to ten days but before that I was kind of in a dead zone where forward momentum was concerned. 50%
  2. Keep better track of how much I’m writing. – This one goes pretty much hand in hand with the previous one. When I’ve been writing, I’ve been tracking. When I haven’t, I haven’t. 50%
  3. Be more consistent about the blog site. – This one is a bit subjective since I never really explained what I mean by consistent. More to the point, I’m not sure I really had a clear thought about it myself. But I have been putting up new blog posts roughly every four days so I think I’ll consider this one a win. 100%
  4. Complete a 1st draft on at least one short story by the end of April. – Argh. I really wanted to get this one but this is where losing those two weeks really hurt me. All the writing I’ve done since I got my head right was toward this but, unfortunately I didn’t get there. 0%
  5. Write another book review before the end of April. – This one I did complete and the review is already posted here, on Amazon & Goodreads. 100%

Overall score, 60%. Barely a passing grade.

Here’s to a better score in May…




  1. Good luck! Don’t be too harsh on yourself. We all have high hopes and aspirations, but oftentimes, unless there’s a real stake/threat involved, we tend to fall short. Understand that life gets in the way, and there are always roadblocks and ditches to cross no matter how clear the path looks from here.

    I had high goals for last month as well (40k words, 20k in a new book and 20k to finish my other WIP) but I only achieved one of them. I won’t beat myself up for it since I’m not exactly working with a publisher or anything. Enjoy the “lack” of deadlines while you can, we may not always have it so cushy!

    Just do your best, though I do hope you hit all your goals for May! It’s a day longer than April, so you just may! Don’t mind the pun (:


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