Back to Reality

“You’re talking about a species you created. You can just make it up…”

Britt said that to me the other day after I asked her a medical question. Other than to point out that my wife is much more sensible than I am, I’m telling you this because it made me wonder if I spend to much on potentially unnecessary details.

I’ve always tried to make the things in my writing as close to reality as possible. I think that adds something to drawing the reader in and suspending disbelief in the more fantastical elements. It might also be a reflection of some of my more OCD-ish traits.

But am I right to be doing so? After all, does anyone really care if I have the right time it would take to go from one place to another, or if I have the right number of bullets in a character’s gun? As much as I try to stay consistent, I’m fairly sure there are plenty of factual or logic errors still in there. Some have already been pointed out. Would it be more freeing for me just to say to hell with accuracy and write what I please?

I’m pretty sure I could drive myself daft(er) going back and forth on this one. If any of you have thoughts about this that you’d like to share, please feel free to comment….


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  1. I find that “too” much research typically equals not enough time actually writing the damn thing. On the other hand, the writing flows much easier if you /do/ know what you’re talking about… which requires research. Catch-22?

    Over the years, I practice the look-it-up-later method, or whatever it’s called. If something I’m writing requires research, I’ll place it in parentheses: eg., (LOOKUPLATER), and calmly and happily move on with the story. I’ll worry about the accuracy for exactly as long as it takes me to type that down. That way, it won’t mess up my flow as I’m writing.

    But personally, I don’t worry myself over accuracy. It’s fiction, even if it’s urban fantasy, and the author has every right and freedom to warp or change things as much as they want. Half your readers won’t know or care if Charlie Street really does exist in Chicago. What’s more important is what happens there in your story!

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