A friend of mine asked me the other day if I had any intention of posting film reviews on here. Funnily enough I had been thinking much the same thing a day or two before.

If there’s one thing I like to think I’m fairly good at, it’s my film knowledge. Thanks to my pinball brain, I can regularly quote films, identity films from an actor/actress or vice versa. And I do love watching films.

Since I started doing book reviews it seems like a natural progression. So the hesitation?

Well, I do often read reviews of the films I’m interested in, either before or after or both. A lot of the time it seems like that, at least for the amateur reviewer, expressing an opinion pretty much opens you up to attack from anyone who wants to tell you how wrong you are.

It feels like I’ve read too many reviews, or comments on reviews,  that have degenerated into “You’re an idiot because you don’t share my opinion”. And given my history of self-esteem issues, why would I willing want to court that?

While I’m not ruling the idea out, I do think I might want to leave it, at least for the time-being.

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