May Goal Review

Well, now that we’re into June (where is this year going?), it’s time to review how I did with my May goals. So, much as I did before, I’ll re-list the goals, along with how I did & my thoughts about it, and the score I’m giving myself.

I almost split May in half, the first half focusing on new writing, the second on editing. And, as it turns out, reading.

  1. Keep improving my daily word count. – Tricky. Some days I did, some days I didn’t especially in the last ten days or so, when I was mostly editing rather than fully writing. 50%
  2. Keep posting here on the blog site 2-3 times per week. – A couple weeks there was 2 per week, others there were 3. I’m calling that done. 100%
  3. Complete a 1st draft on at least one short story. – Nearly got two but not quite. Still, I got War Stories completed (for now) and a good bit more on A Life Almost Ordinary. 100%
  4. Write another book review. – I did four. Guess the downtime I had at the end of the month paid off in reading terms. 100%
  5. Finish the 2nd draft of A House Divided. – And, believe it or not, I did. It will probably go through a third draft (possibly more) but I think I need to sit it aside for a wee while first. 100%

Overall score, 90%

I’ll have some goals for June posted soon, although I do need to work out what I want to do next….


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