Warning – Contains Nonsense

Or, if you prefer, my current stream of consciousness. I tend to the the above title is probably the more accurate of the two.

I said in my goals for this month, one thing I intended to try was moving to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule. So here I am, Friday evening, and I can’t think of a good topic for a blog post.

Or I have half a dozen rough ideas, but none of them fully formed and none that I think I can spin out in the next hour or so. Instead I’m going to make a post out of listing those half formed ideas and maybe come up with some future post ideas.

I could talk about the books I like to read, aside from the ones I review obviously, and the authors that inspire me.I could talk about the films I like to watch, several of which influenced my writing or characters in one way or another. I’ve also thought about the possibility of doing some film reviews, something I mentioned before.

I also thought about some new posts about the House Valerius series; it’s conception, more about the characters and side stories, where I see the series going. I might talk about some other works; past, present and future. Or at least I hope to.

There is also the possibility of doing more posts about the actual craft of writing although that’s hardly something I feel qualified to do. It’s not my place to try telling anyone how or what they should be writing. At best I can relate my thoughts and feelings about what I’m trying, what I think works for me and what doesn’t, much as I did here.

I could talk about the writing community I’ve found online, about the friends and support I’ve gained there (much appreciated by the way). Or I could talk about nothing much at all. Like I have been for the past few.

Oh, well. Hopefully Monday’s post will be a bit less random.

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