June Goals Review

Now that June is over, it’s time to look back at my goals and grade myself. So here goes…

  1. Keep improving my daily word count. Based on my tracking sheet, which can be a little slapdash sometimes, my average daily word count was almost (but not quite) double what it had been in May. And this is one where I can be very specific about my score. 78%
  2. Try a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog post schedule. Which I did, and which I (somehow) managed to maintain for the whole month. I will admit that there were some evenings where I was struggling and there were a couple posts that seem like filler but I stuck with it. 100%
  3. Write another book review. In comparison with May, where I wrote 4 reviews, this was definitely a come down. I got one review done in June. I was hoping for a second but for whatever reason, I haven’t been reading as much lately. This is something I should address in July’s goals. The goal does only say another but I’m going to be a harsh grader so… 50%
  4. Free write as much as possible. I was free writing nearly every day of June, which I’m sure helped with goal 1. More on that here. 100%
  5. Complete a 1st draft on another House Valerius short story. It helped that I had probably had the majority of A Life Almost Ordinary written before the start of June but I did complete the first draft last weekend so I counting this as a win. 100%


Overall score – 85%
Goals for July should be posted in a couple days.

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