What's what with the Watt?


It’s been in the back of my mind that I hadn’t posted any work on here or on Wattpad lately. I actually checked my Wattpad account earlier and it looks like it’s been about three months.

Why so long? I wish I had some decent answers to that. Part of it is that I have a tendency towards laziness, as I’ve mentioned before. Another is, I just haven’t been sure what I want to put out there.

Looking over what I’d put up before, the majority were parts of the various House Valerius short stories I had planned and hadn’t finished yet. The majority of which still aren’t done. And I think that’s where I started overthinking things.

Since I didn’t have many finished, only the one when I first created the Wattpad account, I decided to split the stories into sections. Partly for ease of reading and partly so I could also break up posting them. Then I realized I didn’t have much more than a single section  (if that) for some of them. So what was I going to do when I ran out of material to post?

Obviously, what I did was, stop posting. Which I probably shouldn’t have done, but it’s easier to say that in hindsight. I still myself going back and forth about whether or not it’s better to go with pieces as they are, regardless of how much there is. “Publish and be damned”, if you will. Or wait until I have a full draft available and risk delays between postings.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the matter, let me know in the comments section below.

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