Relapse & Recovery 

So I’m hoping that the past week is just a blip and that I can recover some of the momentum I’ve lost.

As of the time I’m writing this, I haven’t written anything other than a blog post since last Wednesday. And even what I had written in the few days before that has been pretty minimal. 

I think I’ve said before I’ve had periods where I’m not writing anything and some of those had lasted months. One of the reasons I started doing the monthly goals was in an effort to combat the inertia that I can fall into far too easily. 

So far I think it’s been good for me. It kept me writing every day, regardless of what it was I was working on. And now I seem to be back-sliding.
I’m not going to make excuses. I know I’ve had opportunities to write and haven’t taken them. That is not a habit I should to be developing and I need to nip it in the bud right now. 

So now, I’m going to pause the blog post here and spend the last half hour of my lunch break free writing. 

And we’re back. 

So, that half hour I mentioned above. I did manage to get some writing in. Not a lot, it’s true. But, to be fair, it’s probably still more than was done the majority of last week. 

As to what I wrote, too early to tell. It could be the beginning of a brand new House Valerius story, one I hadn’t considered until now. Or it could be something else entirely. I guess we’ll see where it takes me. 

What can I take away from this? Mainly that, if I apply myself, I can still get some writing done, even when everything is kind of hectic around me. And, that I need to keep applying myself if I’m going to complete any of those goals I mentioned.

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