What to do next

It feels like I haven’t really been working on anything House Valerius related for the past two months.
That isn’t entirely true. I’ve done some work on a couple of the short stories. In fact the piece I’ve been working on earlier today could well end up being another. Although to be honest, aside from the names of a couple of deep background characters (I can’t remember if they’ve both been mentioned anywhere outside of my notes), there’s nothing in it so far linking it to the series.
It just seems like I have other ideas which are flowing more easily (as much anything is) at the moment. So, that’s what I’ve tended to focus on.
At first, I told myself that taking a small break wasn’t a bad thing, that it might help me to come back to it with fresher eyes. But now I’m starting to wonder. How long should a break be and how long before it becomes something else?
Working on the short stories is/was my way of keeping the world of House Valerius active while I work out how book 3 is going to go. Having said that, I’m not sure I’ve got very far with that, not beyond (very) broad strokes. That was also the reason why I decided to make outlining the next book one of my goals for this month. But with one week left, I’m not really any further forward. I have a slightly sinking feeling that a passing grade isn’t going to be likely. Not unless I have a sudden burst of creativity between now and next weekend.

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