July Goals Review

It’s that time again. And I’m not looking forward to this one…

Looking back on the July goals, I realized that half of them were a bit open ended, which will make them difficult to score. Because of that I’m going to estimate what I think I could have got done and mark myself accordingly.

First the easy ones:

  • Keep improving my daily word count. – Started strongly in the first week but then it pretty much went to hell. 25%
  • Continue with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog post schedule. – One for the victory column. I think there might have been one where I didn’t get it posted until after midnight due to a dodgy internet connection but I’m still calling it good. 100%
  • Write two book reviews. Another success. 100%

And now the more awkward ones:

  • Keep free writing as much as possible. – Similar to #1, it was going well in the first week and then it kind of fell apart. There were some days where I was able to get some words down but there were just as many where I didn’t. 40%
  • Work on the outline for House In Exile. – I made some notes one day and then never went back to it. 5%
  • Work on another House Valerius short story. – I did some work on one which is definitely a House Valerius story and another that could be but not enough on either. 25%

Overall score – 49%

Goals for August should be posted in a couple days. I may need to do some rethinking first.

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