This is probably going to be a shorter post since it’s already quarter to eleven and I can feel my brain shutting down.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been at Bubonicon this afternoon/evening (more on that after the weekend) and listening to a number of authors talking or maybe it’s something someone said on Twitter, or both but my thoughts today have be circling the notions of gaining a readership.

Now, I’m not sure how much of a potential readership I have. I’d like to think that I have some friends who would be willing to read the stuff I write, even if for no other reason than their friends of mine. Then there are those of you who follow my posts here and/or on Twitter. Since you’ve already made the conscious decision to do that then there’s at least a small chance you’ll be willing to read some of my scribblings.

I fully realize I’m putting the cart before the horse here, worrying about having readers before I have anything out there, beyond a few snippets. But that’s my nature and I have more than enough self doubt to not tell myself not to put stuff out because it won’t get read anyway. Which I know is foolish, since how can I expect to get favorable readings (or any readings at all) if I don’t give you something to read?

With that in mind, I have a short story that I think I’ve nearly got a first draft done and my intention is to post it as soon as I’ve given it a once over. Maybe here, maybe on Wattpad. The important part is to get past my fear.

I hope someone will find it worth reading.

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