Bubonicon 48 – Day One

So I went to Bubonicon this weekend.

I’ve been a few times but previously I’ve only ever done the one day. It runs Friday evening through to Sunday evening and I’ve usually just gone on the Saturday. This year I did all three days and based on the fun I had and what I think I got out of it, I’ll definitely do the same next year.

Anyways, I though I’d give you  rundown of who and what I saw and attended, what I enjoyed and my favourite moments.

Since I didn’t finish the day job until just after five and I needed to get over to teh Marriott, pick up my badge etc, I missed the first couple of hours. Which is a shame since, in retrospect, I think I would have liked to attend the reading with Jeffe Kennedy. I did make in time for the main opening ceremonies, which is the one of the few parts I didn’t get a photo of.

Next was the reading by S.M. Stirling. I must admit that I have yet to read any of his work and I went to this reading purely due to previous panels I’ve seen him on. Based on the reading, which was of an upcoming alternate history novel, I should get some of his books on my reading list soon.

S.M. Stirling

The panel for Magic in Non-Medieval Time was entertaining and ranged quite a bit; from the various depictions of magic, to seeming antagonistic relationship between magic and technology. This was the main time this year that I saw Stephen R. Donaldson and I’ve always found his views interesting.

Rachel Caine, Betsy James, Sally Gwylan, Stephen R. Donaldson & Jeffe Kennedy

The Villains You Love to Hate was one I was looking forward to, and not just because I was talking about mine the other week. Joe R. Lansdale was very funny and he, along with S.M. Stirling and Caroline Spector, covered a variety of evils from the small town, to the nationwide to the monstrous.

Andy Kuhn, Joe R. Lansdale, S.M. Stirling, Gabi Stevens & Caroline Spector

I decided to attend the reading with Mario Acevedo next, which started off a bit awkward since I was the only one there. Which, because I am who I am, is also the reason I don’t have a photo for this one either. Still, he was very gracious; read me a chapter of University of Doom and then we chatted for a wee while. He gave me some advice about writing, which I always appreciate. Then since he was pretty tired, he went off to get something to eat (he’d been on the road about 8 hours) and I went to check out another panel. And he always said hello if passed each other on the Saturday and Sunday.

Anyways, I caught the last third or so of the Lovecraft as Funny & Cuddly: What Happened? panel. Since I missed the majority I can’t really say that much about it but there were some funny moments.

Lee Moyer, Aaron Campbell, Corie Weaver & Sarena Ulibarri

And, given that it was ten-thirty and I was knackered, that’s where I called it quits for Day One.

My original intent was to do a single post cover all three days but time and tide have got away from me so I shall follow up on days two and three later…



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