August Goals Review 

August is past and now I have to review how I got on with the goals I set myself.

  1. Write every day. – Better than last month. Although to be fair, since I wasn’t really writing anything during the last two weeks of July, it would have been difficult not to. If I’m absolutely honest, there were a couple days where I didn’t write, for one reason or another. There were also a few days where the only writing I did was as part of a blogpost. I never did specify what kind of writing was to count so I’m going to give myself two scores on this one. Including blog posts – 93% Fiction only –74%
  2. Finish a piece of work, regardless of what it is. – This one I did by the skin of my teeth, but I did get the first draft of the horror story Britt challenged me to write done Admittedly the original idea was to finish it in a month (that was in June) and I only got done on the last day of August, but done is done.  – 100%
  3. Maintain my blogging schedule. – This one hasn’t been easy, for a couple of reasons. The first is a recent (and extremely annoying) habit of my laptop to drop the wi-fi connection multiple times in an evening and be at half strength the rest of the time. The other was there were times when I was almost too brain-fried to think of a decent topic. Despite this, I can only think of the one wobble, where I was so frustrated with those two things, that I went ahead and posted one only ¾ complete on the Friday, then went back and finished it off the following morning. Still, I think I might have made up for that this past week by having additional posts. – 100%
  4. Read at least two new books and write reviews for them – Another one that I only just got done at the last moment. But I got my two reviews in and they were well received by their respective authors. Enough that they became some of my most viewed/liked/retweeted posts. – 100%

My overall score for August – 94% But I can’t get too confident; I did set the bar a little lower after July.

I’ll be working on September’s goals this weekend and will have them posted soon. And on a side note, I’ll also be giving the horror story a quick once over and then I’ll have it posted here and on Wattpad.

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