September Goals 

It’s a new month once again, which means it’s time for the usual plans. I did debate whether or not to give myself a reduced work load this month since Britt and I are going on vacation at the end of the month (Orlando. Woo!) but I thought if I did that then I wouldn’t be pushing myself.

Here are my goals for September.
1. Write fiction every day. As I said in my August review, there were some days where the only writing I did was as part of one of these blog posts. So for this month, I’m going to be more specific. I should be writing some fiction every day. Doesn’t matter what I’m writing or how much I end up doing, so long as I keep working.

2. Make more time for reading. It bothers me that I’m not reading as much as I maybe should be. The way things have tended to go lately, I don’t actually start reading until I crawl into bed at the end of the day. And with the way things have been lately, I’ve read maybe a page or two then I’m out for the night. So, to combat this, I want to try setting aside half an hour a day to read.

3. Write more reviews. Well, if I’m going to be reading more, no reason why I can’t review more, right? I did two reviews last month, so this month let’s aim for three.

4. Start revising House Valerius. As I’ve mentioned a couple times now, it’s been in my head to go back and take another look at book one. I’ve done revisions before but probably not what could be called a full edit. Since that’s terror incognita for me, I’m not sure how much I should be able to get done, especially with all the other stuff going on. So to start myself off, I’m setting a goal of one chapter per week.

5. Maintain blog schedule. I’ve kept it going this long, let’s keep on rolling.

6. Post more writing. – I’ll be posting the horror short story, entitled Faceless, later today and I’d like to make that a more regular occurrence. Now whether this will snippets from the House Valerius books or just some random pieces that pop into my head I don’t know just yet. What I am doing though, is creating a new page here to keep them all in the one place.

And I think that’s plenty to be going on with for the time being.

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