A Monologue on Dialogue 

If there’s something I admire, in addition to world-building, it’s good dialogue. It might be trading barbs or banter, it might be innuendo leading to seduction, it may be lively and inventive insults. Whatever it is, if it engages me, it will make me that much more invested in the characters and all the more likely to overlook flaws elsewhere.

That’s as true of films as it is of books. In fact, it might actually be more so for films. I can think of certain films which were “rescued” for me, just by the strength of their dialogue. Likewise, some of my favorite films are favorites due to the dialogue.

And I’ve found writing dialogue can be almost as much fun as hearing or reading it. I can think of a couple of pieces when I was writing a conversation and it just seemed to flow and come alive for me. Not just the writing but the characters themselves. And those moments, when they’ve happened, have been a gift to me. Both in terms of what I wanted to do and in showing me what can happen when fortune smiles like that.

Whether or not it constitutes good dialogue; I can’t say. I’d like to think so, but then I’m biased. I do think some of the best parts I’ve written have been built around dialogue. And it’s probably what I still enjoy writing the most.

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