Works In Progress

So I’ve seen the above image in my Twitter feed a few times now and I’d thought about pitching in but I’d put it off, mainly because I wasn’t entirely sure what my current work in progress is. But earlier today, I saw a post saying that it wasn’t too late to start and I thought, “Well, let’s go for it.”

So I’m going to do numbers 1-14 here and then do the remainder daily. I’ll also try to restrict myself to the 140 character limit Twitter has for each answer. Come the end of the month I’ll probably re-post the full set of answers. (Cheating maybe but since I’ll be in Florida trying to enjoy myself, I think I can forgive myself one shortcut.)

Anyways, here we go.

  1. House In Exile, 3rd in the House Valerius series, is an urban fantasy with people whose genetics make them the basis for vampires.
  2. Just starting. I’m in the plotting/planning stage but I have a few plot threads I know will be included.
  3. 5 verbs to describe House In Exile
    • Hiding
    • Surviving
    • Reuniting
    • Belongs
    • Betrayal
  4. Difficult to answer since I’m still planning the settings but for the ones I have
    • Fear & loss
    • Hope, resolve, belonging
    • Fear & loss
    • Hope, resolve, belonging
  5. When Elizabeth came back with some adults; they found me curled up next to Daniel, greedily sucking at the wounds on his arm.
  6. Things my antagonist loves:
    • Power
    • Control
    • His sense of righteousness
    • Blood
  7. Histories
    • Quinn Hendricks – a bounty hunter in the old West.
    • Joanna Mallory – from a ladies maid to the ruler of her own House.
  8. The senses
    • The smell of jasmine
    • The touch of her skin
    • The sound of her breathing
    • The sight of home
    • The taste of blood
  9. There are some parts of me that made it into the backstory, but tweaked just a little.
  10. It was the haunt of certain twenty-something Goths, the type my Uncle Marcus describes as ‘the frilly cuffs and collars crowd’.
  11. Ash: *sighs* “That so many of those loyal to me and my House have died. And that I haven’t done enough to protect those left.”
  12. Ash: “Elizabeth may really be my cousin, but I consider her my sister. I love her. I miss her but I want her to be safe more.”
  13. Ash: “My katana, ‘Saisei‘. Or it was, until it was taken when the Cabal imprisoned me.”
  14. Ash: “There hasn’t been much of that but just recently … *tails off* Never mind, I doubt I’ll see her again.”

So, there they are. I’ve done my best to keep it spoiler-free. And I’ll be continuing through the rest of the month.

With thanks to Bethany Jennings.




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