September Goals Review


Time for me to go back over the goals I set for myself last month and evaluate how I did. Now there was an interruption in my regularly scheduled broadcasts due to this year’s Florida vacation (I may have mentioned this). But I did my best not to let it take me away from the scribbling too much.

  1. Write fiction every day. I was able to keep doing some fiction writing daily, which was good. Although if I am honest, there were a couple days where it wasn’t much more than a sentence or two. So while there is definitely room for improvement, I’m going to mark this one as complete. 100%
  2. Make more time for reading. My plan was to try setting aside half an hour per day to read. I don’t think I managed that every day but I do think I managed it (or close to it) more often than not. So, while I don’t consider this a complete success, I am going to give myself a better than average grade for it. 75%
  3. Write more reviews. I was aiming for three reviews. I did three reviews. I can be happy with that one. 100%
  4. Start revising House Valerius. The plan here was to do a chapter a week. As of this point, I’ve revised chapter one. Not my best result. 25%
  5. Maintain blog schedule. I did manage to keep going with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday rate. And even better, I think I managed to do so without much in the way of random filler posts. 100%
  6. Post more writing. Since I listed my September goals, I posted my attempt at a horror story. I then followed it up with two other fragments, Night Work and Asteria. Since I never actually specified how much I was going to post, just that I wanted to post more, I’m going to call this a success. 100%

Overall score – 83%

Now, I’m going to think over what I want to accomplish this month.

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