Small Treasures

I’ve been thinking about short stories the past few days. Not so much the writing of them (more on that another time) but about reading and the enjoyment of them.

I’ve been thinking about short stories the past few days. Not so much the writing of them (more on that another time) but about reading and the enjoyment of them. I know that there are people who really enjoy short stories and there are those who don’t take to them so much.

Me personally, I like them. And there are a few reasons why I like them.

The first is simple; because they’re short. I’ve mentioned before that my most common time for reading is at the end of the day, curled up and waiting for sleep. A short story can be perfect for this time.

Another reason is that they can give me a chance to sample writers without embarking on a full length novel with them. A case in point: I’ve been reading the copy of Rogues that I picked up at Bubonicon, on and off lately. It features some authors who I’d had on my planned reading list for a while but hadn’t got round to yet and also some that had recently been suggested to me. Based on the stories in Rogues, I will certainly be trying their books in the near future.

A third reason, and this applies mainly to ones that are part of an overall series, is that they can fill in gaps between books or in back-story. That’s one of the things I want my House Valerius short stories to do. Or they could be set in an existing universe (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) and give you a new perspective on the characters you know. Or both.

Like I said at the top, some people may not like short stories and prefer something with greater depth. They want to immerse themselves in something. But, to me, a good short story is like a day trip instead of a vacation. A small treasure.



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