October Goals Review

Time, once again, to have a look back at the past month and see how I got on with the goals I set for myself.

Time, once again, to have a look back at the past month and see how I got on with the goals I set for myself.

  1. Keep writing fiction every day.

Marking this one is trickier than I expected. In my mind, I did complete this one but somehow due to a mishmash of writing methods and laziness in keeping track of exactly what was written when I can’t prove it. And, if I can’t prove it, did I really complete it? Not that I want to be an unreliable narrator, but it seems I am. I can prove that I did write most days, just not every day, and maybe it’s a result of all the science courses I did that I want empirical evidence. And so, I’m going to have to mark myself down for this one.

Score – 90%

  1. Keep the blog schedule going.

This one I did complete, with the help of a couple of rather timely suggestions. Again there might have been one or two filler posts but, all in all, I’m pretty happy with what I got done here.

Score – 100%

  1. Revise House Valerius.

Never even came near to getting started on this one, never mind getting it done.

Score – 0%

  1. More reading, more reviews.

This one came out okay. I got a reasonable amount of reading done although I can’t promise I got the half hour per day I was supposed to. I got three reviews written and posted, and I did actually read more than I reviewed. So I think I can consider this one a success.

Score – 100%

  1. Make a plan for House in Exile.

Well, I made some notes, came up with a couple of plot points, not sure I can comfortably call it a plan though.

Score – 10%

  1. Post more writing snippets.

I got a couple of small pieces posted a few days ago. Maybe not as many as I would have liked, and not as frequent or consistently as I might have liked. But they’re here.

Score – 100%

Overall score – 67%


I daresay I have to be content with that for the moment.

November goals will go up shortly. I doubt it’s going to be a long list due to other commitments.

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