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With the notion of reviewing how my blog is laid out, I’ve been looking at some of my pages and some of my previous posts. And I realized something.

With the notion of reviewing how my blog is laid out, I’ve been looking at some of my pages and some of my previous posts. And I realized something. While I may be taking part in the various Twitter writing prompts and the like, I haven’t actually posted any new writing in close to three months, either here or on Wattpad.

Part of the reason for that is that I’m always nervous about posting anything and, I suppose, it’s subconsciously easier for me to “forget” about it, than it is to risk putting something out there.

Another part of it is that I don’t have much in the way of pieces that aren’t part of the main House Valerius books. What I have posted is either small pieces I wrote last year, when I was experimenting a little, or else parts of House Valerius short stories, which are at various stages.

I should be posting more often. After all, until (and if) I ever get up the courage up do anything with the books I have, posting is pretty much the only people are going to read anything I write. Aside from these blog posts.

So, if I want to post more, I need to write more. Well, I need to be doing that in general, anyways. But, as I said in my January goals, I wanted my focus to be getting a first draft on House in Exile completed. So, do I take time away from that to write (can I use this?) postables? I suppose I could always revise some previous writing, give them a bit of a touch up for being looked at. But why does that feel like cheating?

I seem to be asking myself a lot of questions here and I don’t have any answers. Not yet. Maybe I can work something out over the weekend, or maybe in time to make my February goals list.

Any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to comment.



  1. It can be challenging to get your thoughts out. I find that blogging is especially hard for me. It’s easier for me to hide in my fictional worlds than to find things about MYSELF that I think people will actually find interesting. So you are definitely not alone! Keep pushing. Set a goal for yourself to do one blog a month. One thing a few of my friends do is Top Ten Tuesdays… I’m not 100% sure how it works, but it is something I’m looking into doing as well. But again, I’ll have to push myself 😉 Don’t worry too much! You’ve got this! 😀

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  2. What do you want to be writing on here? Sorry if I missed it (entirely possible!) but are you looking to post fiction, about writing, book reviews, random stuff, about yourself? I think it helps to kind of have a little bit of structure to what you are doing. You can break out of it, but if you have some structure you can lean on it when things are hard or when your brain is tired.

    I joined a blog/hop/tour/group/thing? To kick my butt to post at least something and have a preset topic idea to help keep my head in things. It’s just 1/month so it isn’t too much, but if it is good I might do a few more of those.


    1. Hi, Mariah. The main thing I want to do is post some more fiction. I still plan to do the general blog posts and some book reviews, I’ve been reasonably consistent about those, not so much with the writing.
      Good luck with your blog group.

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