A New Look

So I spent some time this weekend working on my blog page…

So I spent some time this weekend working on my blog page, as you may have already guessed.

Not quite the full redesign that I had in mind at one point but I think it’s enough to have it looking fresh. The main thing I did, hopefully, is streamline things a bit and make the pages less cluttered. Oh, and I changed the name and description to make it more general, like I intended.

So now, all the pages relating to the House Valerius series are now organised under what was the Home page and can be found at the House Valerius link in the main menu.

Other fiction is just what it says; that’s where you’ll find the short pieces I’ve posted and will hopefully be adding to that page soon.

The reading room consolidates the pages for my to-read list & the reviews archive and looking back, I think that might have been where the interview with myself took place.

And speaking of myself, I added a sort of bio page, including links to my assorted social media. Curiously enough that was a pretty hard thing to write. You’d think I’d be getting better about that by now.

I did ask for Britt’s advice on some of it, since she’s got a lot more website experience than I have. That ended up with her challenging me to really think about what I want from this blog. She’s always better at long term planning than I am. I think I need to walk before I can run but, at least she’s got me thinking. She’s good at that. She also helped me decide on the new name.

So here it is, The Scribblings. Hope you like it.




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  1. I like the new look a lot Drew, especially the simplicity yet literary feel of the name.
    There has been some talk that you are considering doing author interviews on the blog – and I would just like to say that I feel there is a great need for more people willing to do that in our little writing community. I can think of five or six writers just off the top of my head who would not only agree with me but be grateful to be asked to participate. Just satin’!

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