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Another month, and the second round of #authorconfessions. So, much as I did last time, here’s a round-up of my answers.

Another month, and the second round of #authorconfessions. So, much as I did last time, here’s a round-up of my answers.

1. I have a lot of different music on my phone and I generally just put it on shuffle. Mainly rock music I guess. But there are certain artists that definitely seem to help switch on my writing brain so sometimes I’ll focus on them.

I think I may have mentioned some those before: The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

2. Probably a short story I wrote in high school or one of my attempts at poetry. Or, y’know, 90% of what I’ve written.

I think most would say that their earliest attempts leave something to be desired. Of course, that might just be a broad generalization on my part.

3. That House Valerius has a great story. And just generally when someone enjoys what I’ve written.

Although I did also get another really nice compliment on a not so nice story.

4. After a bit of thought, going with @iwanrheon.

I have to admit, I’ve been a fan since Misfits.

5. I think my world-building is decent, although I suspect it could stand to have a tweak or two here and there.

Well, not really world building per se, since the series takes place in what is very close to the real world. But I’ve done what I could to build the Ceteri society and history realistically.

6. I have characters of different nationalities, race, and sexual identity. How well I write them is open to interpretation.

Book 1 is exclusively in the UK, but A House Divided spends time in Russia and Japan.

7. Ash Valerian is now a wanted man after the ruling Houses of the Ceteri are convinced that he is responsible for recent attacks on them.

I’m not sure there’s much more I can say here without baiting the spoiler shark.

8. I haven’t had a problem with it so far. The last one, I hadn’t even intended to do until I came to write the chapter.

Some of the deaths I had planned from the beginning, but the latest was unplanned and was a favourite character of mine.

9. Probably having a supporting character betrayed & abused by someone they loved. Or at least were infatuated with.

To be honest, that is something I’m debating about changing when I do my next revision on book 1.

10. Right now, I’d be most excited to have #housevalerius enjoyed by people.

Isn’t that what most of us want?

11. Can I get back to you on this one? I’m still pulling together the fragments…

Nearly there, hopefully I’ll have an answer by the time I reach the word count question in March’s confessions.

12. How steamy? On a scale of 1 to #Vehn, it’s a 3 or 4. Previous books were 1 but for #houseinexile I’m adding some romance.

This deserves a little bit of an explanation. One of my Twitter peoples, L.S. Anders, has recently released their first book, Vehn. Based on the excerpts she’s posted, it seems to be a pretty hot read. And the fact that it rhymed with ten, just made it all the better.

13. Worst couple? De Vries & Carina since they’re both psychotic and encourage the worst in each other. Although Quinn and Lady Mallory would be pretty horrible for other reasons.

De Vries & Carina will kill people, Quinn and Mallory would be more likely to kill each other.

14. I’ll have to ask. It hasn’t really come up before but I suspect he’d try to be romantic.

Like I said, it hasn’t been part of the previous books.

15. Yes, it’s going to be a central plot point in #houseinexile. At least as I currently envision it.

Since I’m only a little ways in, progress is subject to change. But going off the current plan, there will be a fairly intense love affair on the way.

16. I don’t think Ash would kiss & tell and I don’t think many of others would either. But Quinn, well…
Quinn flipped his hat up and gave me a wink. “If y’all need t’ git in good with House Titian, Ah’ll bang her…”

I think the above line pretty much says it all.

17. Dream date? He’s never said although right now, anywhere they won’t get shot at would be a bonus.

Again, not something that’s really been a part of the previous books.

18. Love in three words? Devotion. Family. Sacrifice.

You’ll notice those are less about romantic love and more familial. Again, that’s the way the previous books have gone.

19. If I’m stuck with one piece, I have a couple of short stories that I can try focusing on for a while until I get going.

I think it’s worked not too bad for me in the past, admittedly on a slower pace.

20. Why read my WIP? Well, hopefully, you’ll have read the first 2 books and want to know what happens next. And for the same reason you read any other book. You might like it.

Not sure I can come up with better reasoning than that.

21. Based on what I have planned I’m going to say grey.

Some of what I have planned will involve some morally dubious acts so grey seems fitting.

22. Beyond the abilities they already have? Shape-shifting could come in handy, especially with being hunted…

Because, y’know, slower aging, accelerated healing & faster reflexes aren’t enough.

23. What makes De Vries the worst? He believes he’s right and, unfortunately, he can be very persuasive.

Which does make him difficult to write for at times.

24. There are so many kind and supportive authors out there, I don’t think I could single any one person out. So…. @Regan_OLeary @LeopardKingSaga @authorCM_Turner @dmnewlun @LexiIsAWriter  @MLSpencer1 @pat_sherard @BunnyDarkness @UnDyrk @annieperception @solscript @RamblingRiter @AndryDayana1 @tenofswordsbook @LF_Oake @RobertsonWrites   @HA_Callum @ExoticInkBooks @paullavender6 @authorlmnelson @PennilessScribe   @leandy182 @MariahAvix @DeekRhewBooks @Writing_Novel @raimeygallant, the much missed Jaylene Jacobus, and of course @_JM_Sullivan  for organizing this.

My thanks to all of you, once more.

25. Probably prepare for a long (and possibly angry) talk about why I’m writing down his thoughts.

Not that I’m worried or anything…

26. I’m not sure what all the knock-on effects of switching out the main character would be, but there’s probably a lot. And I expect @jk_rowling might take exception to having Harry tortured by cattle prod and having his face scarred up.

Admittedly that’s previous books, but still…

27. I wish I had an answer for this one but I just can’t see it.

And, in my defense, I did look up a bunch of the previous book club choices. Still can’t see it happening.

28. Since you’re already here, not sure you need the link to the blog but for the sake of completeness…

Blog –
Facebook –
Google+ –
Instagram –


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  1. Drew,
    I learned a lot, from this post, about you and your books! I always try to stay on top of your Blogs because I learn so much!
    P.S. Thank you for including me in your list of supportive writers! That means the world to me Drew.

    Liked by 1 person

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