While I know I’m a ways off from publishing anything and needing to worry about it in earnest, but with me posting more pieces of writing here and on Wattpad, I do find myself thinking about cover/post images.

Now since I have a photographer for a wife, I have someone I can easily ask for advice about images and such. Recently she encouraged me to try an app she uses for some of her own posts and I’ve been playing with it, trying to put together some images I can use as title cards for the various short stories (and fragments of) that I’ve put out.

Yes, I know that there’s a huge difference between a couple of minutes work adding some text to a stock image that you think kind of fits your story and being able to give an artist a specific brief about what you want your cover to be. And, I know this is probably not going to be any sort of lightbulb moment for most of you. What can I say, I’m now trying to be only 6-12 months behind the cool kids.

But anyway, since I’ve done them, and used a couple of others here and there on posts already, I thought I’d let you have a little look. First, here are the ones for the House Valerius short stories.

Then there are the ones I did for the other short pieces.

At some point, although not tonight since I’m getting tired, I’ll replace the images attached to the stories here with the one above. I’ll also do the same on Wattpad, albeit with slightly different formatting. I haven’t got any for the main series books yet, although I have been playing a little bit.

You may have noticed I haven’t got any for the main series books yet. I have been playing a little bit but I don’t have anything chosen just yet. Watch this space.

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