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So this month, I did not one, not two but three daily Q&A games; #authorconfessions again, #mythmadnesswip & #faetastic. And since it’s now the end of the month, here’s my collected answers.

So this month, I did not one, not two but three daily Q&A games; #authorconfessions again, #mythmadnesswip & #faetastic. And since it’s now the end of the month, here’s my collected answers.

#authorconfessions by @_JM_Sullivan


  1. I kept moving, a different hotel every night, getting cheaper and cheaper as I went.
  2. Two things I can’t write without; time and an idea.
  3. House In Exile in 3 words: Fall from grace.
  4. What would Ash die for? His family and friends.
  5. Without spoilers, there is some common ground between them beyond both being members of the Ceteri.
  6. Since I answered this for Ash yesterday I’m going to answer for a pair of supporting characters instead. Years ago I decided if I did a Mac & Quinn spinoff, the theme would be Dark Night by The Blasters.
  7. Currently 2/3rds of the way through Scrubs by .
  8. How would De Vries describe Ash? Young, foolish, mistaken.
  9. Not sure I could pick a favourite but I’ve always liked these covers for ‘s books. 
  10. I suspect Ash is more of a cat person. I think he’d want a more self-sufficient pet.
  11. Sherlock Holmes. I remember reading the shorter stories when I was young and wanting to be that smart…
  12. I don’t think so. I doubt any of the Ceteri are superstitious much.
  13. If Ash does have a lucky number, he’s never let me know about it.
  14. Ash’s opinion of Pi? “Why should I learn algebra, I’ve no intention of ever going there.” Ash’s opinion of pie. “Well, I’ll take a piece, if you’re offering.”
  15. Not in House In Exile yet. There have been in the previous books, although I think the bad outnumbered the good.
  16. Probably “Shit out of…”. He’s been spending too much time with Quinn lately.
  17. It would go towards funding his private war against De Vries.
  18. Before I knew it, my arms were moving on their own, wrapping around Mitsuko, pulling her closer. I kissed her. As she moved against me, I grew bolder. She tasted like honey, sweet and intoxicating. She kissed me back and I thought I could feel her smile for the brief seconds we broke apart. I pulled her down to me, lost in the touch and taste of her.
  19. Around 12,500. *sigh*
  20. Ash hasn’t had time for guilty pleasures for a while. It used to be video games.
  21. I wouldn’t mind having the training & physical ability Ash has but I wouldn’t want to deal with what I put him through.
  22. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe is the first book I remember making me want to create worlds.
  23. If De Vries was the main character? Well, there’d be a lot more scheming for a start.
  24. I don’t think I’ve ever had Ash in anything fancier than a standard dress shirt and trousers.
  25. To avoid spoilers, I’ll say Ash’s worst memory is the death of his mother in a car accident when he was a teenager.
  26. At the start of the series, half full. By the time of House In Exile, it’s definitely half empty.
  27. I can see Joffrey and De Vries getting on quite well. Which would make House In Exile completely different.
  28. I don’t think I’d decided until now but Ash’s birthday is now June 22, same as his (sort of) namesake.
  29. Of my own – De Vries. Of someone else’s – First to come to mind, thanks to the other day; Joffrey Baratheon.
  30. I can see Ash watching Daredevil and critiquing the fighting.
  31. Closer to Home by , Leopard Vanguard by Valguard: Knight of Coins by Shizzle, Inc by ,       Fluency by , Leger, Cat Sleuth by ,                                           The Midnight Circle by Jaylene Jacobus,  The Bride Word Dead by , Darkmage by , Paternus by Morium by , Echo: Approaching Shatter by , Pure by ,       Have You Seen This Girl by , Stage 3 by ,   Bounty of the Everdark by , 122 Rules by ,                   The Prince’s Parish by Scrubs by ,               Danse Macabre by , The Fervor  by ,                 Where The Ironweed Blooms by ,                                                       Who Killed Edie Montgomery? by  & Translucid by .

#mythmadnesswip by @MythmakerWrites


  1. Deposed heir fights to clear his name and regain House.
  2. Far as I know, Ash is the only one who talks and acts like I would. That may not necessarily be a good thing..
  3. At present, trying to come to terms with his newly scarred face and the self-confidence issues resulting from them.
  4. The main one just now is that, since Ash is a wanted man, anyone close by him could end up as collateral damage.
  5. What keeps coming to mind is I See A Darkness, Johnny Cash version.
  6. No specific playlist as such but I know there are certain artists who usually kick-start something in my head..
  7. Possibly overused but Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who seems to fit.
  8. On a basic level, I think most people can relate to Ash’s fears about not living up to others expectations.
  9. Ash’s weaknesses: self-doubt, impetuousness, doesn’t always think before he speaks.
  10. Definitely his loyalty to his friends.
  11. Unfortunately, he does have some valid points about the way he’s been treated and I think some will identify with that.
  12. Probably arrogance / over-confidence.
  13. De Vries does care about (some) people, he’s passionate about his beliefs & he can be charming when he wants to be.
  14. De Vries does have some valid points about the way some of his followers have been treated by the ruling Houses.
  15. So far, from the U.K. to Canada to the U.S., back to the U.K., then the U.S. again.
  16. Since it’s 90% our world as it is, it should be reasonably believable.
  17. Quinn has simple tastes. He’ll take a steak and a beer.
  18. Children of the Night – Dan Simmons. The Warrior’s Apprentice – Lois McMaster Bujold. Night Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko
  19. Children of the Night – Set inside the hidden society. Warriors Apprentice – Contemporary Setting Night Watch – No magic
  20. House In Exile has a contemporary setting so there is no one single definitive religion.
  21. He has faith in his friends but that’s about it.
  22. The main things De Vries believes in are righting perceived wrongs done to him and in his right to be in charge.
  23. The one that influences Ash the most is his father, Matthias Valerian. Ash might kill himself trying to be like him.
  24. De Vries closest ally would be Carina. She loves him, she’s psychotic and very dangerous. She’s the one who scarred Ash’s face.
  25. In the human world or the Ceteri world? His main role in the human world would be as a shareholder in Valerian Industries. His main role in the Ceteri world would be as the heir to House Valerius, oldest of the Ceteri houses.
  26. It’s in a fairly remote part of Cornwall. Nice and secluded, probably why Ash’s ancestors decided to build there.
  27. House In Exile doesn’t so far but there is a moment in the first book.
  28. This is kind of what I had in mind. 
  29. There hasn’t been a lot of research. Mainly distances, travel times etc. oh and some weapon details. I suppose there was some other research but since I did that a couple years before I started the series, does it count?
  30. For a different type of vampire story, I hope.
  31. I be Drew. Attempting to write an urban fantasy series but can be diverted if something else comes to mind.

#faetastic by @Royal_Vagabond


  1. Not sure if it has a particular name but I always recall the story of Thor & Loki’s visit to the land of the giants.
  2. First to come to mind is Snow, Glass, Apples by Not sure what that says about me, though…
  3. I could cheat a bit by saying Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett (see ) but I should give a real answer, so I think I’ll say Small Favor by
  4. Not sure I have a good answer to this one but Maeve the Winter Lady was pretty hot.
  5. The gentleman with thistle-down hair for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a strong contender. Although Red-caps are vicious little bastards as well…
  6. Characters becoming more than they thought they could be. Whether it’s heroic or just growing up.
  7. A Pictsie, obviously. 🙂
  8. I wouldn’t mind shape-changing or at least glamour.
  9. I often think telepathy would be the worst. After all, would you really want to know what everyone around you is thinking?
  10. Earth, by process of elimination. None of the others seem to fit.
  11. Real or imaginary animal? Real – wolf. Imaginary – dragon.
  12. Ask me this one again in 500 years time.
  13. For some reason, I think they’d be bat-like.
  14. I don’t think I believed in fairies. Well, maybe not since I was very young anyways.
  15. Something like the Amazon. Lush and verdant but potentially deadly.
  16. It has to be…  Image by John Howe.
  17. I think I’d pass on an encounter with Jörmungandr, the Midgard serpent. Nothing against snakes but still…
  18. Maelgrym, I think, scaled in black and bronze.
  19. Half the places in Middle-Earth, Tanelorn, London Below, Prydain, but I think Ankh-Morpork just edges them.
  20. Step 1 – Make sure I’m not dreaming. Step 2 – Check if I have any powers/magic. Step 3 – Find a sword. Step 4 – Explore.
  21. Appealing as magic is, the lazy part of me really wants technology.
  22. Something to help me get the words out of my head and onto the page, I think.
  23. “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
  24. Magic is… manipulating reality. Either with words, thoughts, symbols or willpower.
  25. Water and trees, that always has an effect on me. 
  26. Probably Lord of the Rings.
  27. Magical authors  
  28. Is it wrong that I want to include this?
  29. Use it to rearrange my bookshelves perhaps…
  30. Easy. My wife, Britt.
  31. & those mentioned in 27.



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