Luna Ketz has a problem; the most popular boy in town just won’t leave her alone. Most of the other girls at her school, including her best friend, would do anything to have Chance Welfrey pay attention to them. But Luna sees something darker in Chance, something that no-one else does. How far will he go to keep anyone else from learning what she knows?

What seems to start off in fairly standard stalker/serial killer territory eventually develops into something a lot more paranormal as the characters actions in the Dreamworld (as they come to call it) have ramifications for each of them. I will admit that I had some difficulty following everything relating to this, but then I haven’t been at my best this past week so maybe a re-read will fix that.

Luna carries the bulk of the novel and it is her we get to know best. Initially, she is merely bemused and irritated by Chance’s attention to her; but as the story progresses and she learns more about him she becomes more terrified. Her fears, and her frustrations when everyone seems to be all too willing to dismiss them are well drawn. For the most part, she is quite believable and grounds the entire story, although there were moments where I found her somewhat frustrating.

Chance is a bit more of an enigma. We are gradually told his motivations in pursuing Luna but I don’t recall them given any origin. Similarly, a supporting character conveys the majority of the background we’re given about the Dreamworld but no explanation is given for how they know this. However, since this is the first in a projected nine-part series, I expect this will be explored in future instalments.

Also, since there are future books on the way, (book two is already available, with book three soon to be released), this does end with an almost cliff-hanger.

I did enjoy this book. It has a creeping, insidious atmosphere that draws you in. While there is obvious violence, it doesn’t glorify it and there is more than enough of interest to get me buying both the 2nd and 3rd books.



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