As with many people, every so often something crops up in my Facebook notifications that makes me annoyed. I had such an occasion this past weekend.

Granted by the time I did notice it, I’d already put up a new post, but it did bring home the fact that the past month or three, I’ve been a little less than diligent about my blogging schedule.

For a while, I was maintaining a fairly consistent three post a week schedule. But lately, that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. The days the posts have gone out have been more random, the number of posts has generally slipped from three to two. There were even a couple of weeks where there was nearly a week in-between posts.

Now that may not sound too bad but I know myself. If I let it go to one a week, eventually it could drop back to one every two weeks, then once a month, and then… well, you get the idea. That’s what’s happened in my previous attempts to run a blog. I’d like to think that by the simple expediency of actually having a readership now, I wouldn’t let things go that far but…

Things will be a bit awkward with scheduling posts next month as well. Thanks to some good fortune, I’ll actually be out of the country for the first two weeks in July, visiting family & friends in Scotland. The downside, where I’ll be staying for the bulk of that time is one where I’ve historically had poor internet connection. Hopefully, I can work it so that I am able to post relatively frequently while I’m away but I suspect it might be the second half of July before I can really focus on getting back to a consistent schedule.

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