I’m trying very hard not to get down on myself right now but it’s pretty hard when I’m looking at what I said I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the month and seeing how little of it I actually did.

*sigh* Well, no point in putting this off.

  • Write every day.

I had to open my big mouth and say that I was going to try for 20,000 words this month. For a while, I was writing every day and there was the possibility that it could happen. Then I started second guessing things I’d written at the same time as calculating and re-calculating what I’d need to be doing in the remaining days in order to make up the shortfalls. Argh….

  • Transcribe all my hand-written bits and pieces. 

Well, I did get a decent amount typed up, there’s still a bunch of notebook pages that need to organised and properly saved. Curiously enough, this includes the end of the short story that sparked the whole idea in the first place.

  • More reading, more reviews.

Well, I did get my two reviews written (here and here), but I don’t feel like I got enough reading done. Scratch that, I know I didn’t get enough reading done. I know I should be setting aside some time every day to spend time with a book but it’s all too easy to push that aside in favour of other tasks.

  • Do another interview.

This one I did complete properly. I think it went pretty well; but, here, judge for yourself. Plus, I got to help out someone who’s been very supportive to me, so all the better.

  • Post another short story.

Also got this one done. And, for a change, it was a short that I wrote during the month so I’d like to think that counts for something. Probably not but… Anyway, the story was ‘A Year of Bodies‘ and I got to indulge my love of The Wire a bit, while also venting some frustrations about the coffee maker at work. Give it a read and you’ll see what I mean.

Ah well, c’est la guerre, I suppose.

Now to think about what I’ll going to be aiming at for in July…


  1. Have you watched “Homicide: Life on the Street”? It’s by the same guy who wrote The Wire. Same whiteboard. Only they all use typewriters because it’s like 1992, and there’s a crossover episode with the X-Files….

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    1. I have seen some episodes, but not with a lot of consistency. Most of the ones I’ve seen, I was still living in the UK and they were broadcast at 11pm (or later) so it was mainly when I was able to catch it. I would like to go back and watch it properly sometime but, you know, there’s all the other things that need doing…


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