This one is going to be a little trickier than normal since I have some time away to factor into my plan. In a few days time, Monday night to be specific, I’ll be starting on a ten-day jaunt back to the old country. How this is going to affect things is open to some debate but given how rare it is to get back across, I’ll be prioritising family & friends over the writing.

Not that I intend to ignore the writing of course, but I’m going to pick goals that I can either accomplish once I’m back or, at least, doesn’t require daily participation. As a result, I’m not including the ‘write every day’ goal that’s been common for the past few months.

  • Re-think House in Exile.

The way I’ve been struggling with this lately, I’m wondering if I need to have a clearer idea of where I’m going & what I want to happen with it. So I think before I spend too much more time floundering about on it, I should work on my outline some more.

  • Write whatever I feel like.

While I’m still considering how best to navigate my way into / out of / through House in Exile, I don’t want to stop writing full stop. I have the various Ceteri short stories I’ve had in mind, plus I can do some throwaway stuff, just for my own amusement.

  • Write three book reviews.

I hope that thanks to a bunch of travel time and a lack of several of my usual distractions, I’ll be able to catch up on my reading during my trip. And, in turn, translate that into more book reviews

  • Try to get another interview organised. 

This is one that will need to wait until I get back. But I’ve had fun with the couple of interviews that I’ve conducted, the people I’ve interviewed seemed to enjoy themselves and I’ve had one or two positive comments so, why not keep going?



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