As I said during one of my earlier posts this month, I wasn’t sure how much I would get done during the first two weeks since I would be traveling around Scotland, trying to get around as many friends and relatives as I could in the time I had available.

Turns out, it hasn’t been that much.

There’s been a fair bit of thinking, and some additional notes being made for House in Exile but in all honesty, there’s been little enough in the way of words on the page. And the largest part of what has been written was done in the airports between flights. Since I’m due to fly back tomorrow, this time repeating hours rather than gaining them, maybe I’ll get a bit more done then. One way or another.

While I may not have got many new words down, I have been successful in getting my notebooks typed up and assorted documents organized. I did catch up on my reading a wee bit as well, I’m already onto my fourth book for the month which is better going than last month, and I’ve already done two of the three reviews I promised myself.

Since I don’t get in until very late on Friday (as in it will actually be Saturday by the time I get home from the airport), I’m liable to take the weekend to re-acclimatize and reunite with my wife. But it will be back to my day job as normal come Monday morning. Which means I should probably get back to a semblance of a proper writing schedule as well. I guess we’ll see what I can accomplish by month’s end…

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