July was a bit of an unusual month. I accomplished some things, failed in others. I had one or two realizations, one or two good moments, maybe even one or new opporchancities. I’ll not say any more about those just now, just in case they don’t pan out, but let’s have a look at how I did on the goals I set out last month.

  • Re-think House in Exile.

I did make some headway here, had a couple of ideas that I think I can work with, as well as ironing out the first dozen or so chapters. I’m still a little vague to the last third though, aside from the ideas that I already had. I’m hoping that I’ll get hit by some additional inspiration as I keep working.

  • Write whatever I feel like.

Well, I started off the month doing a mishmash of ideas as the occurred to me or using some writing prompts. None of those really panned out all that much. Then, I had about a week where I wrote virtual nothing. The last week and a half I spent mainly on snippets that I hope I can find places for in House in Exile. Overall, not a lot of writing done, but I was having fun with what I was writing which I suppose is equally, if not more, important.

  • Write three book reviews.

I managed to get through four and a half books during the month and wrote reviews on three of them. I even remembered (admittedly, just a couple days ago) to update the reviews and my TBR lists. So, I’m calling that a win.

  • Try to get another interview organised. 

Well, I got it organized, got the interview done and posted. It seems to have been well received, both by my interviewee and by those reading it. Plus, since I put out a general request to see who was interested, there’s a good chance I’ve got a couple more interviews that I can schedule in the upcoming months.

I’m not going to score this one since the first two goals don’t really lend themselves to scoring. But, even if I didn’t actually get a lot done writing-wise, I’m still feeling fairly positive about the month so that counts for something.

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