My answers for the Twitter games I participated in for August. This month it was #AuthorConfession, #EspressoYourself, #WIPTruthOrDare and #AlphabetAugust.


#AuthorConfession - August

  1. I is mostly Drew and mainly write nonsense. My advice (as if I’m qualified to give any): Don’t give up on what you love.
  2. I’d like to think I could include the following:      
  3. The willingness to support others; whether that’s with advice, assistance or just lending a friendly ear.
  4. How’s this? The answers to at least two questions raised in the last book will be explored in this one.
  5. Whispers in the Alders by H.A. Callum.Alders
  6. I like ones where enemies have a shared history (family, allies etc) and are at times ambivalent about each other
  7. A phoenix would be the best representation for Ash. There’s one engraved on the sheath of his sword, among other reasons.giphy (2)
  8. Scariest thing? Probably that people will believe whatever they want to believe, so long as it serves their interests
  9. I couldn’t tell you exactly how long it’s been in my head but I’ve been actively writing it since the start of the year.
  10. Ash’s main weakness, aside from limited funds & allies just now, is a lack of confidence in his own abilities.
  11. On balance I think I’d have to say yes, they should. I’d like to think the possibility of learning about your audience would outweigh the irritations/disappointments. I remember reading a quote from someone, although it was about film reviews rather than books. “If you believe the good ones, you’d better believe the bad.”
  12. I think my work needs some pretty heavy shaping & polishing before it approached any kind of sparkle…
  13. I’ve been trying to think of a good (or funny) answer for this one since yesterday and I’m still drawing a blank. My knowledge of cereals seems to be sadly deficient.
  14. Sunset. Being awake before then just means having to stay indoors, out of danger.
  15. I would have to say autumn. Although the whole pumpkin spice everything does baffle me a bit…
  16. My question: if you could visit any fictional world, which would it be?
  17. Maybe not the setting for the entire novel but certainly some of the bits I’ve been working on most recently.giphy (14)
  18. I think lost in the desert. Slightly better chance of staying out of the sun, I think.
  19. Since there’s a lot of commonality between me and Ash, I don’t think I could play anyone else. Although if it was actually being filmed, I’d probably have to be content with a one scene background role…
  20. I don’t really have a mascot, I’m afraid.
  21. First one to come to mind, aside from Lord of the Rings, is L.A. Confidential since I watched it recently.It’s a different animal to the novel, for obvious reasons, but it’s still a very good film in its own right.
  22. Ash’s greatest strength is a sense of duty and an unwillingness to give up
  23. Influences? Could be just about anything. Books, films, driving, the weather…
  24. A disgraced group of terrorists attempts to interfere with his attempts to build a new society for his people.
  25. I’m going to cheat here. All the people I included in my writing tribe are awesome writers and I want to share them all…
  26. My routine: Think about writing. Get distracted. Start to write. Curse that I didn’t start earlier.
  27. I think Ash’s best quality is his loyalty to his friends.giphy (5)
  28. I think this is pretty much De Vries…giphy (4)
  29. Word count – 39,229. I really was hoping for better after 8 months.
  30. Sadly, I’m not sure I have a line I’m especially proud of just yet.
  31. Well, I hope it’s getting stronger but I’m not sure I could tell you how…


#ExpressoYourself - August

  1. I’m Drew. Transplanted Scotsman, habitual scribbler, frequent dispenser of random facts/trivia, general nuisance.
  2. While I do like greens and purples, I’d probably say blue was my favourite. It reminds me of the sea…
  3. Well, here are two of them…Neil & Terry
  4. Believe it or not, the last song I listened to was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.giphy (6)
  5. Right this moment it’s Unwell by Matchbox Twenty
  6. I’m not sure I understand the question. There are people who don’t love to read?
  7. I’ll read sci fi, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries… So long as I think I’ll find it interesting, I’ll give it a try.
  8. If I had to pick one element, I think I would have to say dialogue. I do enjoy a bit of banter.
  9. I can remember retreating into books a lot when I was younger but I can’t say I could tell you a specific title.
  10. I’ll say the Hardy Boys books. They were the first books I ever got from the local library & that started weekly visits
  11. Maybe occasionally I’ll have music on while I’m reading but it’s not very common.
  12. Previous suggestions include: Purple Rain – Prince, Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones & I See a Darkness – Johnny Cash
  13. For physical books or my nook – either the couch or in bed. For audiobooks – either in my car or at my desk at work.
  14. I don’t have a music subscription, not unless you count the free version of Pandora.
  15. Mostly it’s either what I have to do that day or what I didn’t get done the day before. Sometimes I’ll get story ideas.
  16. You ever feel like you’re being watched?IMG_0258Dog with a moustache.IMG_0811
  17. Dancing? Me? Yeah, that’s not a good idea. Unless it’s a waltz or at a ceilidh, I’m just likely to embarrass myself.
  18. I’m sure one has, I just can’t think of one right now. Maybe “Dougal and the Blue Cat” when I was a youngling.
  19. Depends on how you define new. Probably the newest in my regular playlist are The Script and Imagine Dragons.
  20. One of my favourite reads is Anno Dracula by Kim Newman. Anno Dracula

    Imagine if Dracula had succeeded, becoming Prince Consort to Queen Victoria & Jack the Ripper is killing vampires

  21. Coffee. And I’ll take it as is.giphy (8)
  22. Not sure I have a best but I can think of a few good ones: Pulp Fiction, Highlander, Casino, The Blues Brothers…
  23. Re-watched Kingsman: The Secret Servicegiphy (10)
  24. The Hitman’s Bodyguard.giphy (9)
  25. I’m cheating but here’s a link to my reviews page on my blog. Look up all these authors.
  26. Usually it’s the kind who banter well with each other.giphy (11)
  27. One of the items anyway…DIWWi-hUIAANvEH
  28. Of the active ones, I’m going to say Twitter. But I still have affection for Myspace, since it’s how I met my wife.
  29. Just five? Hmmm…
  30. A few. But the only one outside of a convention/reading is Billy Connolly. No, he didn’t actually say this…giphy (7)
  31. Well, I was a teenager when Buffy season 3 was on so I always like Eliza Dushku…giphy (13)


#WIPTruthorDare - August

  1. Dare – I turned to the other sword, seeing the familiar gleam of the golden dragon against its black lacquer scabbard. Seeing it again lifted a weight from me; a pressure in my chest I hadn’t realized was there until it eased. “I don’t know how to repay you for this. For keeping them safe.” I told Mitsuko in a hoarse voice.
  2. Truth – I’d say Ash has a sense of humour. Frequently juvenile, frequently snarky, occasionally sick, but it’s there… giphy (3)
  3. Truth – Ash has various training but I doubt you could call that talent. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time though…
  4. Truth – Definitely night. With Ceteri, there’s no such thing as a mild sunburn.
  5. Truth – Ash learned lots of history, regarding the various Houses & the Ceteri in general. Not sure he liked it though. Also, I don’t think I’ll have occasion to mention him in the current WIP but I did refer to Augustus in Book 2
  6. Truth – For now, I’m going to say Ash isn’t keen on meeting new people. Lately, he’s very wary of people he doesn’t know.
  7. Dare – Every so often, the moon peeked fleetingly from behind the storm clouds adding a momentary flare to my vision.
  8. Truth – Ash has never thought about a dream job. He’s always known that someday he would be the Lord of House Valerius.
  9. Dare – I crouched beside the body, rolling it over to face skyward. The throat gaped a twisted crimson slash and I swore. I checked my surroundings warily. Someone had got here before us and they weren’t holding back like we were.
  10. Truth – We’ve never discussed it but I think Ash can appreciate the odd bit of poetry. I doubt he reads much of it though.
  11. Truth – Ash will get a couple of shake ups during House in Exile. The first will be his reunion and subsequent relationship with Mitsuko. The other one, I can’t say just now. I’m still planning it out and besides, spoilers…
  12. Dare – “Sorry to disturb you, Mr Brooks, but I have a message for you.” It was a woman’s voice, quiet and unaccented.
  13. Dare – The rain swept through in minutes, going from clear and dry to torrential without warning. It hammered against the truck’s cab, almost drowning out the radio with its rhythm. But then it slackened, ebbing away just as we were getting ready to pull over & wait out the storm. Five minutes down the road, everything was dry again.
  14. Dare – I heard voices down one end of the corridor and wandered that way. I stopped at the sound of my name, listening. 
    “All I’m saying is…” It was Jodie’s voice. “He’s so caught up with her, he’s getting distracted. And sooner or later, that’s going to cost us.”
    There was a pause, then MacReady said. “He is still just a kid. Only natural that gettin’ laid’s gonna preoccupy him.”
    “We can’t afford that.” Jodie snapped back. “You know what we’re up against.”
    I crept back the way I’d come, not wanting to hear any more.
  15. Truth – Not now but when he was younger. Hard not to be when you have a graveyard under your house….
  16. Dare – Carina drove the needle under my fingernail, sending a jolt of pain tearing up my arm. The duct tape smothered my scream. With a vicious smile, she began levering the needle back and forth, worrying the nail loose.
  17. Truth – Ash will say he doesn’t believe in bad luck. Until he starts being unlucky anyway.
  18. Truth – Long term, Ash would want roots but, for now, while he’s in hiding, wings might be the better option.
  19. Truth – Since Ash usually dresses pretty casual, a change of style would be to put him in a suit.
  20. Truth – Ash isn’t on any kind of social media. It sort of goes against the whole ‘Ceteri staying hidden from humans thing’.
  21. Truth – Ash is as happy sitting on the floor as anything else. There’s no real preference.
  22. Truth – Well, he does drink blood and he has been known to kill his enemies. Could be either.
  23. Dare – “I don’t think this is going to work.” I told Petra, peering at the mirror. “They’re still pretty visible.”
  24. Dare – She grabbed the makeup pad and began dabbing at my face once more. “Shh. We need to cover these scars somehow.”
  25. Truth – An urban fantasy about a hidden race whose genetic mutation makes them the source of all vampire legends.
  26. Dare – I’d searched and the island was made up of scrubby trees and rocks. Nothing else seemed to exist there.
  27. Truth – In the most recent section I wrote, Ash was talking to Petra, an agent of an (as yet) undisclosed House.
  28. Truth – Ash mainly grew up in the country although he does appreciate the degree of anonymity in cities.
  29. Truth – Humans, without a doubt. I think he could take just about anything else in stride.
  30. Truth – He wasn’t keen on 16, with the fingernails….
  31. Truth – I did 10 dares.



I did two sets of answers for this one; the first from books I’ve already read, the other from books on my to-read list (although I only got through W with that one).

The Have-Reads:


The TBR List:


With thanks to the hosts:

#Authorconfession – @_JM_Sullivan & @jjulien25

#EspressoYourself – @ChelseaDeVries

#WIPTruthOrDare – @MelanieAThurlow@HHaydenWriter

#AlphabetAugust – @amandamariegh

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