I’ve been a bit reluctant to commit to a new goals list for this month so far. Not because I’m having difficulty coming up with things that I want to try and accomplish. Actually, it’s more the opposite.

As I said in my last post, August pretty much crashed and burned writing-wise. While there’s still a bunch that I want to catch up on, I’m wary about trying to do too much and ending up doing some of everything. Plus the fact that my dithering about this means that we’re already a third of the way through the month as I’m writing this. So I’ve already missed some opportunities to get stuff done.

I was thinking I might take a different approach for what remains of September. All my previous goal posts have focused on getting as many of the goals done as I could, regardless which ones should be the most important. And that should be getting the writing out and words on a page. I think I’ve spent too much time focusing more on social media aspects (blogs, Twitter, etc) on recent months. Not that those aren’t important but I need to find a more effective balance.

So this time I think I will prioritize what I want to get done with that in mind.

  1. 500 words per day.
  2. Make a decision regarding my 2017 NaNoWriMo project (for more on this one, see here).
  3. Post a new short story.
  4. Two blog posts per week.
  5. At least one book review.
  6. Organise and conduct an interview.

You’ll probably notice that there are a lot of familiar entries there and I’m fine with that. My overall goals aren’t really changing. But my intention is that none of the rest should be looked at until I have #1 on the list, 500 words in the bag every day. Will that mean certain items get lost from this month? If so, it is what it is. It happened last month and I didn’t even have the benefit of having written every day so…

Anyway, we’ll see how well this new approach worked out in 3-4 weeks time.

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  1. Sometimes you need to stop and take the time to think about what you want to do. It’ll be easier to move forward with clear goals. I just signed up for NaNoWriMo – Still need to update the profile and outline the novel. Exciting times!! 🙂

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