Sigh. Well, that’s pretty much screwed that one, then.

I know that there’s still technically a day left to go but the sad truth is that I’ve already written this month off. Not good but I figure I can either brood about what went wrong or I can acknowledge what went wrong and make sure I avoid doing the same thing next month.

I was already late in getting started, as I said in my original post a few weeks ago. That didn’t help matters but it could still have been salvaged. Instead, I made it worse by continuing to procrastinate and not buckling down to work. I can’t afford to be doing that sort of nonsense.

The prioritising idea had merit and I think it’s worth trying again for next month but it’s only going to help if I commit to working at it. If I can’t even manage that bit, well, there’s not a lot of point in doing a goals list in the first place.

Still, it wasn’t a complete loss. Or rather, my lack of productiveness did force me to make a decision regarding NaNoWriMo. So technically, I suppose I did complete one of my goals. I’ll take that, even if it was in spite of myself. I’ll discuss this more in a future post, hopefully within the next week or so.

I did get one piece of good news today, though. Apparently, The Scribblings now has 200 followers. Which gives me all the more reason to get back to a proper blogging schedule. I have to give you good people something to read now, don’t I?


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