I’ve had two consecutive months where I’m spectacularly failed to accomplish the goals that I’ve been setting for myself. Which, as you might understand, has made me a bit wary of what I set myself for October. Aside from that, we have our annual jaunt off to Florida in the middle of the month as well as some other factors to consider.

I’m not usually the type to get too much into my personal life here; but let’s say that I haven’t been treating myself very well lately, both physically and mentally. So one of the things foremost in my mind for this month is turning that around as much as I can. I’d like to think a week’s worth of wandering around Disney World will act as a reset as much as a getaway but fundamentally, I need to take some responsibility for myself and not expect things to change without work.

Much as I said in September, there are plenty of things I think I should be trying to accomplish during this month, things that ended up lacking due to inactivity on my part. So this is what I want to do, after taking steps to

  1. Take better care of myself.

This will be easier said than done. I have a history of being well aware of the things I need to do (exercise, get enough sleep) and then ignoring them. I suspect everything else on this list will depend on the way I manage my available time.

  1. Write 500 words per day.

Yes I know this is less than a third of what I would need to do in order to meet the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo, but the fact of the matter is that I need to get myself into some kind of training for that and I’m trying to set myself something I think I can do, as opposed to shooting too high and falling short.

  1. Do other NaNoWriMo.

I’ll go into this in more detail in my next post.

  1. More consistent posting.

I counted it up last month and I did maybe half the number of posts I was doing a few months ago. And if it hadn’t been for some pre-determined posts (September Games, #AuthorToolBox, etc., I might not even have done that much. So I want to try and commit to doing a minimum of two posts per week.

  1. Book reviews

I’m not sure where my focus was last month but it wasn’t on reading. I think I started about four different books and kept jumping around which meant I didn’t get any of them finished. As such, no reviews last month. I want to try getting at least one review done before Halloween.

And I think that should be enough for now…

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